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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 4044 Tender Ref. Date: 11-01-2018
Tender Ref. No: SAC/DPUR/2018E0508001
Template Desc : General Terms and Conditions
Sr No Description Value
1 .
AHMEDABAD-380 015.


1. No request for extension for due date for submission of tenders will be entertained.

2. The following information should be provided under vendor terms and conditions:
a) The FOB/FCA (INCOTERMS) terms, for import by Sea freight / Air freight up to Ahmedabad and for air parcel post up to Ahmedabad should be separately indicated.
b) Agency Commission: The amount of commission included in the price and payable to the Indian Agent of the Contractor shall be paid directly to the Indian Agent by the Purchaser in equivalent Indian Rupees on the basis of an Invoice from him applying T.T. buying rate of exchange ruling on the date of placement of the Purchase Order and which shall not be subject to any further exchange variations. This payment will be released to the Indian Agent after receipt and acceptance the goods in India.
c) The Contractor shall invoice only for the net amount payable to him, after deducting the amount of Agency Commission included in the invoice which will be paid to the Indian Agent directly by the Purchaser. However, the Contractor's invoice should separately reflect the amount of commission payable to his Indian Agent.
d) The earliest delivery period and country of origin of the Stores.
e) Banker's name, address, telephone/fax Nos. & e-Mail ID of the Contractor.
f) The approximate net and gross weight and dimensions of packages / cases.
g) Recommended spares for satisfactory operation for a minimum period of one year beyond warranty.
h) Details of any technical service, if required for erection, assembly, commissioning and demonstration.

3. The FOB/FCA prices quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, levies, duties arising in the tenderer's country.

4. The offer should be valid for a minimum period of 90 days or longer if called for from the due date of opening of the tender.

5. Samples, if called for, should be sent free of all charges.

6. Offers made by Indian Agents on behalf of their Principals, should be supported by the authorization of their Principals.
a) In a tender either the Indian Agent on behalf of the Principal/OEM or Principal/OEM itself can bid but both cannot bid simultaneously for the same item/product in the same tender.
b) If an agent submits bid on behalf of the principal/OEM, the same agent shall not submit a bid on behalf of another principal/OEM in the same tender for the same item/product.

7. We are exempted from Customs/Excise Duties.

8. The details of Import Licence will be furnished in the Purchase Order.

9. The authority of person signing the tender, if called for, shall be produced.

10. Instructions / Operation Manual containing all assembly details including wiring diagrams should be sent wherever necessary in duplicate. All documents / correspondence should be in English language only.

11. The Purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject the lowest or any offer in whole or part without assigning any reason.

12. It is expressly agreed that the acceptance of the Stores Contracted for is subject to final approval in writing by the Purchaser.

13. a) Part shipment is not allowed unless specifically agreed to by us.
b) As far as possible stores should be despatched by Indian Flag Vessels / Air India through an Agency nominated by us.

14. Inspection / Test Certificate should be provided for the goods after testing it thoroughly at the Contractor's works. If any Inspection by Lloyds or any other testing agency is considered necessary, it shall be arranged by Contractor.

15. Where erection or assembly or commissioning is a part of the Contract, it should be done immediately on notification. The Contractor shall be responsible for any loss/damage sustained due to delay in fulfilling this responsibility.

16. For items having shelf life, those with maximum shelf life should be supplied if order is placed.

17. In case, the vendors are falling under the category of MSME, registered under NSIC and would like to avail exemptions, their quotations should be accompanied with necessary registration certificate with declaration to consider their offer. Quotation received without such declaration and valid registration certificate will not be considered for exemptions under Public Procurement Policy.


(a) The term 'Purchaser' shall mean the President of India or his successors or assignees.
(b) The term 'Contractor' shall mean, the person, firm or company with whom or with which the order for the supply of stores is placed and shall be deemed to include the Contractor's Successors, representatives, heirs, executors and administrators unless excluded by the Contract.
(c) The term 'Purchase Order' shall mean the communication signed on behalf of the Purchaser by duly authorised officer intimating the acceptance on behalf of the Purchaser on the terms and conditions mentioned or referred to in the said communication accepting the Tender or offer of the Contractor for supply of stores, plant, machinery or equipment or part thereof.
(d) The term 'Stores' shall mean what the Contractor agrees to supply under the Contract as specified in the Purchase Order.

Tenders offering firm prices will be preferred. Where a price variation clause is insisted upon by tenderer, quotations with a reasonable ceiling should be submitted. Such offers should invariably be supported by the base price taken into account at the time of tendering and also the formula for any such variations. However, such clauses will be subject to final acceptance by Purchaser.

3.1 Being a Department of the Government of India, the normal terms of payment are by Sight Draft. However other terms of payment like establishment of Letter of Credit may be considered by the Purchaser on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon.
3.2 The Sight Draft / Letter of Credit will be operative on presentation of the under mentioned documents:
a) Original Bill of Lading / Airway Bill
b) Commercially certified invoices in triplicate, describing the stores delivered, quantity, unit rate and their total value. The invoice should indicate discounts, and Agency Commission if any separately.
c) Packing List showing individual dimensions and weight of packages.
d) Country of Origin Certificate in duplicate.
e) Test Certificate.
f) Declaration by the Seller that the contents in each case are not less than those entered in the invoices and the quality of the Stores are guaranteed as per the specifications asked for by the Purchaser.
g) Warrantee and guarantee Certificate/s vide Clause 20 herein below

Reference to Import License No. & date and Contract number & date shall be prominently indicated in all the documents vide Para 3.2.

Supplier shall bear demurrage charges, if any, incurred by the Purchaser due to delayed presentation of shipping documents as prescribed in Para 3.2 to the bankers beyond a reasonable time (say within 10-12 days) from the date of bill of lading for sea consignments and within 3-4 days from the date of Air Way Bill for air consignments.


The time for and the date of delivery stipulated in the Purchase Order shall be deemed to be the essence of the Contract. Delivery must be completed within the date specified therein.

8.1 The Purchaser's representatives shall also be entitled at all reasonable times during manufacture to inspect, examine and test on the Contractor's premises the material and workmanship of all stores to be supplied under the Contract and if part of the said stores is being manufactured on other premises, the Contractor shall obtain for the Purchaser's representative permission to inspect, examine and test as if the equipment were being manufactured on the Contractor's premises. Such inspection, examination and testing shall not release the Contractor from the obligations under this Contract.
8.2 For tests on the premises of the Contractor or of any of his sub- Contractors, the Contractor shall provide free of cost assistance, labour, material, electricity, fuel and instruments as may be required or as may be reasonably needed by the Purchaser's representative to carry out the tests efficiently.
8.3 When the stores have passed the specified test, the Purchaser's representative shall furnish a certificate to the effect in writing to the Contractor. The Contractor shall provide copies of the test/s certificates to the Purchaser as may be required.

Generally, stores should be despatched through Indian Flagged Vessel / Air India or through any other Agency nominated by the Purchaser. A copy of the invoice and packing list should invariably be kept inside each of the packages.

FOR AIR SHIPMENTS: AHMEDABAD (Via Mumbai, if required)

Sr. Purchase & Stores Officer,
Central Stores,
Space Applications Centre (SAC),

The mark on the shipping documents such as invoice, bill of lading and on the packages should be as follow:
PURCHASE ORDER NO. …………………………..
DATED …………………….
Destination: ............................
Port of Entry: .........................

The necessity or otherwise of insurance will be as indicated in the Purchase Order.

14.1 The Purchaser may upon written notice of default to the Contractor terminate the Contract in whole or in part in circumstances detailed hereunder:
a) If in the judgement of the Purchaser the Contractor fails to make delivery of Stores within the time specified in the Contract/agreement or within the period for which extension has been granted by the Purchaser to the Contractor.
b) If in the judgment of the Purchaser the Contractor fails to comply with any of the other provisions of this Contract.

15. In the event the Purchaser terminates the Contract in whole or in part as provided in Clause 14 the Purchaser reserves the right to Purchase, upon such terms and in such a manner as he may deem appropriate, stores similar to that terminated and the Contractor shall be liable to the Purchaser for any additional costs for such similar stores and/or for liquidated damages for delay as defined in Clause 19 until such reasonable time as may be required for the final supply of stores.
15.1 If this Contract is terminated as provided in Clause 14 the Purchaser in addition to any other rights provided in this Article, may require the Contractor to transfer title and deliver to the Purchaser under any of the following clauses in the manner and as directed by the Purchaser:
a) Any completed stores.
b) Such partially completed stores, drawing, information and Contract rights (hereinafter called manufacturing material) as the Contractor has specifically produced or acquired for the performance of the Contract as terminated. The Purchaser shall pay to the Contractor the Contract price for completed stores delivered to and accepted by the Purchaser and for manufacturing material delivered and accepted.
15.2 In the event the Purchaser does not terminate the Contract as provided in Clause 14, the Contractor shall continue the performance of the Contract in which case he shall be liable to the Purchaser for liquidated damages for delay as set out in Clause 19 until the stores are accepted.

If the stores or any portion thereof is damaged or lost during transit, the Purchaser shall give notice to the Contractor setting forth particulars of such stores damaged or lost during transit. The replacement of such stores shall be effected by the Contractor within a reasonable time to avoid unnecessary delay in the intended usage of the Stores. In case the Purchaser agrees, the price towards replacement items shall be paid by the Purchaser on the basis of original price quoted in the tender or as reasonably worked out from the tender.

In the event that any of the stores supplied by the Contractor is found defective in material or workmanship or otherwise not in conformity with the requirements of the Contract specifications, the Purchaser shall either reject the stores or request the Contractor, in writing, to rectify the same. The Contractor, on receipt of such notification, shall either rectify or replace the defective stores free of cost to the Purchaser. If the Contractor fails to do so, the Purchaser may at his option either:
a) Replace or rectify such defective stores and recover the extra cost so involved from the Contractor, OR
b) Terminate the Contract for default as provided under Clause 14 above, OR
c) Acquire the defective stores at a reduced price considered equitable under the circumstances. The provision of this article shall not prejudice any other rights of Purchaser's under the Contract including recovery of liquidated damages for delay.

If the completion of supply of stores is delayed due to reasons of force majeure such as acts of god, acts of public enemy, acts of Government, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restriction, strikes, freight embargoes, etc., the Contractor shall give notice within 15 days to the Purchaser in writing of his claim for an extension of time. The Purchaser on receipt of such notice after verification, if necessary, may agree to extend the Contract delivery date as may be reasonable but without prejudice to other terms and conditions of the Contract.

If the Contractor fails to deliver the stores within the time specified in the Contract or any extension thereof, the Purchaser shall recover from the Contractor as liquidated damages a sum of one-half of one percent (0.5%) of the Contract price of the undelivered stores for each calendar week of delay. The total liquidated damages shall not exceed ten percent (10 %) of the Contract price of the portion of stores so delayed. Stores will be deemed to have been delivered only when all their component parts are also delivered. If certain components are not delivered in time, the stores will be considered as delayed until such time as the missing parts are delivered.

a) The Contractor shall guarantee that the stores supplied shall comply fully with the specifications laid down for material, workmanship and performance.
b) For a period of twelve months (or such period as agreed upon by the parties) after the acceptance of the stores, if any defects are discovered therein or any defects therein are found to have developed under proper use arising from faulty materials, design or workmanship, the Contractor shall remedy such defects at his own cost provided he is called upon to do so within a period of 14 months (or such period as specified in Contract) from the date of acceptance thereof by the Purchaser who shall state in writing in what respect the stores or any parts thereof are faulty.
c) If in the opinion of the Purchaser it becomes necessary to replace or renew any defective stores, such replacements or renewals shall be made by the Contractor free of all costs to the Purchaser provided the notice informing the Contractor of the defect is given by the Purchaser in this regard within the said period of 14 months (or such period as specified in Contract) from the date of acceptance thereof.
d) Should the Contractor fail to rectify the defects, the Purchaser shall have the right to reject or repair or replace at the cost of the Contractor the whole or any portion of the defective stores.
e) The decision of the Purchaser, notwithstanding any prior approval or acceptance or inspection thereof on behalf of the Purchaser, as to whether or not the stores supplied by the Contractor are defective or any defects has developed within the said period of 12 months (or such agreed period) or as to whether the nature of the defects requires renewal or replacement shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Contractor.
f) To fulfill guarantee conditions outlined in Clause 20 (a) to (e) above, the Contractor shall, at the option of the Purchaser, furnish a Bank Guarantee (as prescribed by the Purchaser - Bank Guarantee format enclosed) from a Bank approved by the Purchaser for an amount equivalent to 10% of the value of the Contract along with first shipment documents. On the performance and completion of the Contract in all respects, the Bank Guarantee will be returned to the Contractor without any interest.
g) All the replacement stores shall also be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of arrival of stores at Purchaser's site.
h) Even while the 12 months guarantee applies to all stores, in case where a greater period is called for by our specifications, then such a specification shall apply, and in such cases, the period of 14 months referred to in Clause 20 (b) and (c) shall be asked for guarantee period plus two months.

The Contractor shall also undertake the supply of additional number of items covered by the order as considered necessary by the Purchaser at a later date, the actual price to be paid shall be mutually agreed to after negotiations.

a) The Contractor wherever applicable shall pack and crate all stores for sea / air shipment as applicable in a manner suitable for export to a tropical humid climate, in accordance with internationally accepted export practices and in such a manner so as to protect it from damage and deterioration in transit by road, rail or sea for space qualified stores. The Contractors shall be held responsible for all damages due to improper packing.
b) The Contractor shall ensure that each box / unit of shipment is legible and properly marked for correct identification. The failure to comply with this requirement shall make the Contractor liable for additional expenses involved.
c) The Contractor shall notify the Purchaser of the date of shipment from the port of embarkation as well as the expected date of arrival of such shipment at the designated port of arrival.
d) The Contractor shall give complete shipment information concerning the weight, size, content of each packages, etc.
e) Transhipment of equipment shall not be permitted except with the written permission of the Purchaser.
f) Apart from the despatch documents negotiated through Bank, the following documents shall also be airmailed to the Purchaser within 7 days from the date of shipment by sea and within 3 days in case of air-consignments:
a) Commercial Bill of Lading / Air Way Bill / Post parcel Receipt.
(Two non-negotiable copies)
b) Invoice (3 copies)
c) Packing List (3 copies)
d) Test Certificate (3 copies)
e) Certificate of Origin.
The Contractor shall also ensure that one copy of the packing list is enclosed in each case.

a) If at any time any question, dispute or difference whatsoever shall arise between the Purchaser and the Contractor upon or in connection with this Contract, either party may forthwith give to the other notice in writing of the existence of such question, dispute or difference and the same shall be referred to the adjudication of two arbitrators, one to be nominated by Purchaser, other by a Contractor and in the event of any difference of opinion, the arbitrators will refer the matter to the umpire. The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and procedure for arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce at Paris. The expenses of the arbitrators and umpire shall be paid as may be determined by them. However, the venue of such arbitration should be in India.

b) Pending the submission of and/or decision on a dispute, difference or claim or until the arbitral award is published, the Parties shall continue to perform all of their obligations under this contract without prejudice to a final adjustment in accordance with such award.

All documents pertaining to the Contract including specification, schedule, notice, correspondence, operating and maintenance instructions, drawings or any other writings shall be written in English language. The metric system of measurement shall be used exclusively in the Contract.

The Contractor shall warrant and be deemed to have warranted that all Stores supplied against this Contract are free and clean of infringement of any patent, copyright or trade mark and shall at all times indemnify the Purchaser against all claims which may be made in respect of stores for infringement of any right protected by Patent, Registration of design or Trade Mark, and shall take all risk of accident or damage which may cause a failure of the supply from whatever cause arising and the entire responsibility for the sufficiency of all the means used by him for the fulfilment of the Contract.


Where counter terms and conditions/printed or cyclostyled conditions have been offered by the bidder, the same shall not be deemed to have been accepted by the Purchaser unless specific written acceptance thereof is obtained.

On each item to be delivered under this Contract, including an item of work in progress in respect of which payments have been made in accordance with the terms of the Contract, Purchaser shall have a security interest in such items which shall be deemed to be released only at the time when the applicable deliverable item is finally accepted and delivered to the Purchaser in accordance with the terms of the Contract. Such security interest of the Purchaser shall constitute a prior charge as against any other charge or interest created in respect of such items by any entity.

While the Purchaser shall bear the bank charge payable to his Bankers (State Bank of India), the Contractor shall bear the Bank charges payable to his Bankers including the cheques towards advising amendment commissions.

The Contractor shall, if required by the Purchaser, provide facilities for the practical training of Purchaser's engineering / technical personnel from India and for their active association on the manufacturing processes throughout the manufacturing period of the Contract / stores. Number of such personnel to be mutually agreed upon.

The Contract shall be interpreted, construed and governed by the laws of India.

1. In tune with the requirement of international plant protection convention of the FAO, UN the following has become mandatory with immediate effect.
2. All packing materials of any kind of plant origin used for packing shall require treatment including hear-kiln treatment at 56 degree centigrade for a minimum of 30 hours of methylbromide fumigation at 48g/cum for 32 hours of chemical impregnation as per international standards.
3. If the consignments are sent without the aforesaid certificate, all demurrages and other charges for treatment etc. will be to the account of the suppliers.
4. This aspect also should be taken care of while submitting the offers.
5. If the packaging material being used for your product does not come under the category “material of plant origin” (i.e. Leaves, grass, wood etc.) Please certify the same in your quote and ignore the above instructions. However, the same should be ascertained at the time of actual shipment if the order is awarded to you.
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