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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 4044 Tender Ref. Date: 11-01-2018
Tender Ref. No: SAC/DPUR/2018E0508001
Template Desc : Instructions to Tenderers
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AHMEDABAD-380 015.

Instructions to Tenderers

Tenders are available on ISRO’s e-procurement website https:\\ Interested tenderers will be required to register on the website and access the tender from the website. Vendors will be required to submit offers online (e-bids) using a digital signature certificate. Guidelines regarding registration, empanelment, submission of e-bids etc. are available on the portal. Interested vendors may refer the same. In case of any queries w.r.t. the contents of the tender itself; you may contact the concerned Purchase and Stores Officer of Space Applications Centre by e-mail. However, in case of any technical queries, the help-desk maintained by our solution provider may be contacted. The contact details are available on the portal. Vendors may also submit hard copies of their price proposals in sealed covers along with the bid. However, this shall in no event be considered as exemption from submitting e-bids. Sealed offers received from those vendors who have failed to submit the e-bid will not be considered.


1) The tenderers should submit quotations complete in all respects with technical specifications, including pamphlets and catalogues. It may be noted that while submitting offers on the e-Procurement portal, vendors have to submit the offers as per the following procedure:
a) E-bid Submission: Preparing of the offer in the format available in the tender. Filling up the compliance statements and enclosing other relevant information and registration of / saving the e-bid on the portal.
b) Open Authorization: Vendor MUST complete this action within the time period specified in the tender schedule by logging into the portal and sending the public key for authorization. In case vendor fails to complete this step after e-bid submission, the e-bid will not be opened and shall not be considered as a valid offer even if the vendor might have submitted the offer physically in sealed envelope (if instructed to do so in the tender).

2) Detailed schedule of activities to be carried out by the vendor while submitting the bids is indicated in the tender document.

3) The valid e-bids received before the deadline shall be opened in the presence of attending tenderers/their authorized representatives as indicated in the tender schedule. The person attending the tender opening shall have to carry authorization letter from the tenderer and identification which may be produced on demand.

4) In the event any date indicated above is declared as holiday, the tender schedule shall be amended/ postponed accordingly. The amended schedule can be viewed on the e-procurement portal. Tenderers may send their representatives to attend tender opening accordingly.

5) In case Tenders cannot be open on the date indicated in schedule due to technical difficulties, tenders will be opened on next working day or on the day the technical snag is set right.

6) Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) as stipulated in the bid shall be paid by Crossed Demand Draft / Fixed Deposit Receipt issued by a nationalized bank in favor of Accounts Officer, Space Applications Centre, and payable at par at Ahmedabad. The EMD should be received before the tender opening date indicated in the tender schedule. If EMD is not received in time, the offer will be considered as invalid.

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